How to care for children diet in summer

The diet of the children is very important to care. Summer is the time when most enjoy the ‘sin’ as the holidays arrive and can go to the beach and pool. But this season can become a headache for parents and their care and feeding is more complicated. That is why parents should follow with the food that children remain in school canteens so that in this way their habits will not suffer any kind of disorder. The most appropriate is to draw up a menu in which 5 fully balanced meals are included.

children diet in summer

Also do not forget the seasonal fruits that are very attractive to small juices and salads. The season vegetables can be present in cold creams as salmorejo, gazpacho and pasta salads that include these vegetables, so children will enjoy full and healthy meals.

You can make ice cream and sorbets with fruit, yogurt and milk, so the kids will enjoy these foods in a fun and attractive way. You can do it at home with a blender, a mold and then put it in the freezer. Smoothies are also very appetizing to quench the thirst of the kids. And do not forget that children get thirsty, so in the refrigerator should always be cold water.

In addition to including these foods in their diet, we recommend feeding schedules are respected for children to have their established routine. Avoid meals in a hurry and at different times. Start day with a hearty breakfast, leave aside the chips, but since it’s summer, you can make pizza or homemade burgers that are healthier. You also have to keep snacks like sandwiches, yogurt, juice or fruit, so the kids will not be so hungry at dinner time.