How to change a diaper

If you are new parents, get ready, because changing diapers is an art that can only be learned through practice. At first you will be missing hands, but then surely you can do even with closed eyes. This is how you change the diaper your baby step by step:

change diapers

  • Keep everything at hand. Before placing the baby on the changing table, wash your hands and prepare all necessary materials depending on the type of diaper you use. A clean disposable plastic bag, if you use disposable diapers; a clean diaper and a liner, if you use organic diapers; or a clean diaper, safety pins and waterproof underpants, if you use cloth diapers. Have nearby all specific protective cream or irritations or dermatitis diaper, wipes or sponge to clean and remove debris.
  • Put the baby in a supine position, while talk to him or sing to remove his clothes. It is advisable to use clothing that you can detach from the waist down.
  • Open diaper adhesive closures and put them backwards, folding them first so it do not sin to the baby’s skin.
  • Before removing the diaper, checks poop and clean it first with the top of the diaper back. Place a towel on the baby’s penis, if it is boy, to avoid getting wet if at that time peeing.
  • Hold the baby by the ankles, elevate the ass and putting on the outer face of the diaper, leaving hidden inside of the diaper.
  • Take a damp washcloth or wet sponge and clean your baby’s bottom carefully. The diaper area of girls should be cleaned from front to back to prevent infections in the vagina.
  • Lift the baby’s bottom and close the soiled diaper. Open a clean diaper and place it under his butt. Dry it well and give all skin protective cream, if necessary.
  • Make sure the back is properly seated to his waist, front passes over his tummy and close the velcro, considering that the diaper should not be neither too tight, because it would harm the baby and would be upset, nor very loose, to prevent the discharge of the contents on the outside.