How to correct flat feet

Having flat feet is one of the most common ailments among the child population. It consists in the absence of the normal arch of the foot of the child. So, instead of supporting only the tip, the heel and the outer edge of the foot, supporting children walk soles of the foot on the floor.

correct flat feet

The babies are born with flat feet; however, from 2 or 3 years old, began to notice the internal arc on his feet. This arch is not developed in children with flat feet, and apart from the possibility of pain in the foot or ankle, you may feel muscle cramps and other discomfort.

The connections joints loose, fat formed in the bones of the feet or obesity are the reasons that cause the most common flat feet.

If we want to correct flat feet of our son, there are exercises that favor strengthening the muscles of the soles of the feet (it is important that these exercises are conducted through games). Walking barefoot on the sand, walking on tiptoe, making circular motions with his toes, trying to pick up small objects with his toes, climb stairs, jump to strengthen the ligaments or ride a tricycle are some of them.