How to Create a Home Library for Children

Home libraries are not just for fanatical readers. Everyone can benefit from having a library at home, especially parents with school-aged children. Now, when most people think of home libraries, they think of massive libraries of old English mansions. Sure, if you have the money, you can build a library like that. However, you can still build a budget-sized library at home, geared towards educating children. Everyone owns books, after all. Having a home library is mostly a matter of keeping all these books organised.

home Library for children

Let’s look at how you can easily build a DIY library at home:

Find Space
If you have a spare room, even a tiny one, this should be your home library. If you are strapped for space, you can use a portion of a room as the home library. The space should be enough to hold book shelves, desks, and chairs. Once you decide on the space, you can start the design process.

Find or Buy Merchandise
You should equip your home library with the things you already have, like your books. Also, it will be helpful to buy certain things, like white boards or desk lamps. Such items will be beneficial to create learning experiences for children. Also, it’s not that hard to find pin boards for sale online. You can use old furniture at your home, or your parents’ home, as shelves, desks, chairs and cupboards. You do not necessarily need to buy expensive furniture. Look around at yard sales and online auction sites for the items you need. Later, you can refurbish old furniture to make them look new.

Draw a Design Plan
Consider the space where you intend to build the home library. Then make a design layout for this space. (If you are going to buy things for the library, have this design layout at hand before you make purchases). Visualise where you would put furniture. There should be plenty of space in between. Also, how you arrange the furniture should also be safe for children. You can keep the little desks and chairs in one area and the adult furniture in another to make the library more child-friendly.

Consider Repainting
If the space you chose is too conventional looking, you can repaint for cheap to make it look like a real library. Choose a dark, but muted, colour. If there are any windows in the area, choose thin and dark curtains to really get that feeling of being in an old and esteemed library. You can use antique rugs on the floor too.

Arrange the Furniture
Once any painting or fixing has been done, it’s time to arrange the furniture. Keep the desks and chairs in the middle, and the shelves in the surrounding area. Have a reading light available for each table. You can also put pencil holders and page holders on each table too. If your kids are small, you can put educational toys on the table for their convenience.

Think Digital
These days most people read e-books as well. So, your home library should have space for desktops or laptops. Have power outlets to charge an eBook reader when necessary. Your kids will also benefit from having a digital space dedicated to learning.

The above are just the basics of building a home library. There are plenty of additions you can make as you wish. For example, you can create a play area for small children. The point of the home library should be to have a quiet space at home for reading and child education.