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How to explain children where babies come from?

The responsibility of parents to educate their children should be extremely important and be prepared to respond to any concerns. But you should know that children can have many questions during their childhood development. And in this article we will tell you how to explain children where babies come from.

This can be a very scary question for parents, because they haven’t been prepared to answer it. Or simply because they don’t know how to approach this issue, so they can understand you. And even more so when there are so many taboos about sex and human reproduction. But we guarantee that you do not have to be so explicit so that the children understand you.

explain children where babies come from
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This is a time that must come sooner or later and your child needs to know about certain topics. And it is preferable that you teach them to him, to avoid confusion and to know from a good source what he needs to know.

Why is it important to explain child where babies come from?

Explaining about certain topics or answering uncomfortable questions to the child, which are unacceptable such as sex and sexual relations, can be a headache for many parents. However, the child has to know, but in appropriate language about some questions that he may have. And one of them refers to pregnancy or where the baby comes from.

These are questions that parents should see with total normality. Since the infant is learning and wants to know how a woman gets pregnant. But it is essential that it is the parents who explain this to them, to avoid confusion. And that you can also understand that in life everything has a moment and we should not advance that time.

From what age should we explain where babies come from?

Children are very curious and some more than others and this can determine when it is appropriate to explain to them where babies come from. But it can be taken as the right time to talk about this topic, when the child is already 4 years old. Either it is offered in a simple way, without falling into deep explanations about this wonderful fact.

But you also have to avoid absurd stories about the stork and others, this can confuse the child. Or make a wrong interpretation on the subject, as the child gets older you can expand a little more on sexuality, however it is important that you are the one who explains in a serious and responsible way, on this matter.

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Tips for explaining to children where do babies come from

It will be inevitable that the child will have questions and questions about everything he sees around him and even more so when he sees a pregnant woman. And if you answer that she is carrying a baby in her womb, the situation becomes very confusing for the infant. This is where you should put into practice the following tips that will help you explain to the child about this situation.

explaining to children
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Find a suitable place

Some questions and especially about this one, which requires a lot of tact and discretion on your part so that the child can understand and not be confused. You need to find a suitable place, preferably alone, where there are no distractions. And know that you are going to capture all of his attention so that he can understand clearly and without further details about this natural fact of life.

Respond to their concerns

It is very necessary that the child has no doubts, this can be very dangerous. Since doubts can cause you to seek information outside the family nucleus, so be careful with this. Respond to all their concerns, do not leave a question unanswered and of course that they are understood and also speak sincerely to the child.

Avoid diverting the conversation

Children are very intelligent and in this current age, they cannot be fooled. And so they’re going to know right away that you don’t want to respond, if you divert the conversation, so avoid this. We know that it can be difficult to give an answer to a question that you do not expect, much less on this topic. Therefore, it is best to be prepared and not avoid answering their questions.

Use age-appropriate language and content

One of the key points that will help your child understand where babies come from is using appropriate language to their age. The words you use and the content of your explanation should be adapted to the child’s age. Avoid using words that he does not understand, be precise and clear, it is not necessary to be explicit and make him understand that it is a normal and natural process.

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