How to find the perfect nanny

Caring for children is a priority in all families, but the labor market forces us to leave our children in the care of others. In many cases, they are grandparents responsible for caring for children, but when that is not possible, we find the difficult decision to find a nanny, in many cases, an unknown, and that is something that causes great concern.

find perfect nanny

Search nanny
The first thing we have to keep in mind when looking for a nanny is what we need. If there is an occasional need, as some free night, if the need for a specific and brief task as fetching children to school while we finish the job, or if we need to take care of our children a large part of the day, which would be involved in the education of children and possibly, in the housework.

It is important to initially define functions to perform, as well as the salary, where we must spare no, because we are talking about the well-being of our children.

Where to look for a nanny
Ideally hire a nanny through the reference of a friend or neighbor, so we would be quieter leaving our children in their care. But that does not always happen, so we can go to specialized companies who select the best nannies. But we can also be guided by our instincts and take note of these announcements in supermarkets, community centers, schools and kindergartens where advertise girls willing to take care of our children.

A good option is to hire a part-time nanny who is a student of something related to childhood and education. But we must also take into account the needs of our children, if we want the nanny to spend more time playing with them, or else, we need a very experienced nanny to teach them to be disciplined and organized. It all depends on our needs and those of our children.

How to find a good nanny
The interview is crucial point to choose the right candidate. It is desirable that our children be present at that interview to observe their reactions and preferences.

Prepare a list of questions before the interview will help us feel safer, and it is important to ask freely anything that interests us, and anything that makes us better meet the person in whose hands we will leave our children.

We must ensure that the nanny be a responsible, dynamic, caring and competent person, and be able to solve the unexpected events that often occur with children. We won’t all that see in a first interview, so it is best to hire a test and observe the behavior of children.

If the children are happy when they see the nanny, we can be calm because that they are comfortable with him. And little by little we will be checking if the nanny is involved in caring for our children, if we acknowledge what they have done, if he proposed alternative educational or entertainment, etc.

But it is in the attitude of our children where before we will see if we hired someone we trust, because if children feel care and happy with him, that will be reflected in their daily behavior.

image source: huffingtonpost