How to help your child overcome shyness

In the society in which we live we tend to classify children with certain labels as “shy/reserved”, “social/spontaneous”. No doubt, the majority of parents would like his son to be the first to greet people, ask questions, sing and dance without shame… And often, shy children are put in evidence by their parents, who even try to apologize for the timidity of his son. However, childhood shyness is nothing bad, since in most cases it disappears with time.

childhood shyness

If you want to help your child overcome shyness here are a number of tips you can follow:

Suggest small goals that require your child to behave in a more open manner. As he reaching them, you’ll be proposing higher targets. It is important not to force him to do things for which he is unprepared.

Praise the children’s behavior opened without doing either comparisons or reproaches. Never use phrases like “do not be stupid,” “can not” or “always do wrong”.

Behave like a person open to your child and be a good role model, because children tend to copy their parents.

Help your child to interact with other children. Encourage him but never force him to do something what he do not want. You can invite the friends of your son to house sot that he slowly start playing with them.

Point it in any extracurricular activity that interests him such as painting, music or theatre.

If your little one conforms an openly reward you should reward him verbally and emotionally, or even can reward him in an activity of their choice.

Talk to all the people who have a relationship with your child and ask them to follow the same steps of behavior that you do.