How to Keep a Baby Safe At Home?

Children are the most precious for all parents, especially mothers. However, some mothers eventually have to work in this day and age so unfortunately they have to leave their children at home. This could be quite of a concern if the child is small as a baby. Thus, all mothers should know how to keep a baby safe at home while they are at work.

keep baby safe

If you are one of the parents who experience this type of problem, then you might consider getting a babysitter that’s part of the family to take care of your baby while you are away. But does it relieve you from the worry? How you could be sure that your babysitter would guard your baby as much as you would?

It is not a surprising fact if you are worried about your baby safe while you are not at home. As a parent, you definitely don’t want any bad thing to happen on your beloved baby. Therefore, you need to take more steps and not only rely on your babysitter to make your home a safe place for your baby.

Childproof your Home

Childproof is one of the best solutions to get rid of your worry around your baby safety whether you are at home or out of home. Check out the steps below to childproof your home or small apartment.

Living Room

  • Make sure all the candles and matches are unreachable for your baby to play with them
  • Move all the photo frames made of glasses that could be harmful to your baby


  • Make sure to store all medicines and products in their containers and away from your baby
  • Set up safety latches on the drawers and cabinets to keep your baby away from the potentially toxic household products
  • Make sure to unplug all the electric rollers and hair dryers
  • Cover up all the unused electrical switches with safety protectors.


  • Lock the dishwasher
  • Put the microwave unreachable from your baby.


  • Set up the crib safely
  • Make sure there are no looped cords on the window blinds.

How to Babyproof your Fireplace

Even though a fireplace is a beautiful and warm part of your home, but remember, it is a dangerous place for your baby to playing around. In fact, your baby or toddlers could be easily drawn to the equipment of the fireplace, and thus, would be a serious hazard for them.

You need to baby-proof your fireplace to make sure for your baby safety. Here are some steps that you can do for this matter.

  • Remove any flammable substances from the place that your baby could reach
  • Install a fireplace gate to create distance between your baby and fireplace
  • Make sure to check the fireplace gate regularly
  • Avoid the freestanding screens for your fireplace gate
  • Install a fireplace door to remove the potential hazard
  • Lock your fireplace when you are not using it
  • Always check on the fireplace locks to make sure that they are working
  • Move all the fireplace equipment and place them on a place that unreachable for your baby.

Is it Okay to Lock a Child in Their Room?

Now the final words for you are, no matter what type of emergency that makes you have to leave your child alone, it is not okay to lock them up in their room. The reason is obvious, there are many unpredictable things that might happen to your beloved child. For example, your child might unable to breathe since all the windows in their room must be closed. Besides, your child would definitely be terrified in a locked room.

So parents, make sure to keep your child safe! Looking for more in-depth on safety for a baby? find out more here