How to know the final color of my baby’s eyes?

It is interesting to know one of the aspects revealed by the American Academy that is in charge of ophthalmology, where they assure that all babies at the beginning of their life arrive in the world with a color of blue eyes. However, the prominent change of it is expected during the 2 years where the color changes. They ensure that the color of the baby’s eyes will be the same as those of the parents.

final color of baby eyes

In the same way, it is expected that between 6 months and a year and a half of life, they can define the permanent color. In some parts of the world, they offer 3D echoes that tell you the color of the baby’s eyes, however they will not be definitive. But knowing what the baby will be like and its physical and intellectual characteristics always causes uncertainty.

Why do babies’ eye color change over time?

The concept or importance of the sun’s rays for the baby interferes with this response. A care that should be done as long as it is the right time is to protect the baby’s eyes from the sun. Since the sun’s rays will be responsible for increasing the production of melanin or cells called melanocytes. Those that aim to reach the iris of the eye because this is a place where the body needs it which will generate the color change of the baby’s eyes.

If the number of melanocyte cells that reaches the baby’s eyes is small, it means that he will keep his eyes the same color with which he was born for his entire life.

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Is it common for the baby to be born with light-colored eyes?

It is quite common for the baby to be born with light eyes because at the time of birth the baby has not developed the total number of melanocyte cells it needs.

In general, the color of the eyes is light or blue; sometimes they can have shades of green. Jointly responsible for promoting the production of this cell are the solar rays that they will receive not being in the belly but outside of it. It is necessary to indicate that this baby who is born with light eyes is more likely in the future to keep his eyes light.

baby eye color

What aspects influence the baby’s eye color?

The main factor that defines the color of a baby’s eyes are the cells that are part of the neuroectoderm. They have a function in the human body and it is the creation of the pigment that we call melanin.

This itself reaches a time when it must reach the iris of the eye, it is the one that has the pupil inside it and assimilates or avoids light. When the pigmentation manages to reach the eyes, the color that the baby will have forever will be defined.

From what month can you know if the color of the baby’s eyes is definitive?

The changes will begin to appear in the baby’s eyes from 2 months, but you will begin to notice light colors between gray and the light color palette such as green, blue, and hazelnut.

When the baby is 6 months old, you will notice and begin to appreciate that the final color will be seen for the rest of the months. Therefore, the crucial part to knowing what color the baby’s eyes are is definitive and when you can be 100% sure would be up to 31 months of age.

What is the probability that the baby will inherit green eyes from the parents?

When we refer to the physical features of a baby, we see that those responsible for these changes are generally the predominant gene. However, it is part of a belief, because the father and mother contribute the number of genes equally.

An example would be that both parents had brown eyes; there is a good chance that the baby will have the same color. On the other hand, if both parents do not share the same color, the uncertainty of the baby’s eye color remains until one year of age.

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Are there abnormal changes in the color of babies’ eyes?

According to ophthalmological experts, there are cases in which the pigmentation takes time to reach the iris and does not usually pass in the estimated time. That is why some children adopt a dark color in their eyes when they are 6 months old and after this time, we begin to see how their eyes lighten. Although there are few cases of this type, science continues to investigate because it takes time for the development of melanocyte cells.

How can I predict the final color of my baby’s eyes?

One of the clearest and most key clues you can have about the color of the baby’s eyes is that babies who are born with a dark color in their eyes, do not adopt another color.

On the other hand, babies who have gray or any other light color in their eyes must wait for their pigmentation; but it is very likely to be between brown and blue. But, in no case can we guarantee that the color of the baby’s eyes has something to do with genetics. In any case, it is better to wait for the estimated time to be sure of the final color of the child’s eyes.