How to make a baby sleep through the night?

During the first months of life babies tend to wake up every 3 to 4 hours, and if they sleep 6 hours, it is understood that they have slept through the night. It is from their first year of life when they begin to sleep 10 to 12 hours. Until that moment awaited, parents have to arm themselves with patience; but following a few little tips they can get their baby to sleep better and longer:

baby sleep

– If your baby falls asleep lying in the designated place to sleep. Thus he will learn to distinguish the periods between being asleep and awake, and sleep relate to the position intended for it.

– Create a routine before bedtime. Prepares a hot bath, give a gentle massage or read a story always at the same time. Then feed him and protect him from the cold. Do not follow this routine to squeeze in a nap; thus, the baby will begin to differentiate between the nap and sleep at night.

– Lay him while awake.

– Leave your baby a toy or blanket that is familiar to grip it and don’t feel alone.

– Make sure that diaper is clean before bedtime.

– Many babies under 3 months wake up because they are hungry. If your baby is asleep early, try to wake him up just before bedtime and feed; thus, he will get to sleep more hours.