How to organize yourself if you are unmarried or separate mother

Fortunately being a single mother is no longer a social stigma. So much so, that more and more women dare to confront the maternity in solitary in a decision over their independent lives. But it is certainly difficult. Work, home, child care, medical… a world of complicated developments and responsibilities to which it is necessary to face without a partner to the side. Sometimes it is much better and single motherhood is more enjoyable.

separate mother

Single mothers by choice
The number of women who choose to be single mothers is increasing. Women no longer need to find their ideal man to form a family, now they can do it alone, and what’s more, they can choose the right time to be a mother.

The profile of the single mother by choice is that of a woman between 35-45 years, working life, with a good paying job and, above all, confident. The method chosen to be the mother varies from adopting artificial insemination, but in any case it is planned maternity, in which case the woman is fully aware of the change that will mean in their life and assumes the responsibility of being a mother because she feels that the time has come and she is prepared.

There are also cases of single mothers who become pregnant by accident or not worry about taking contraceptive measures and at that time decide to take on motherhood alone.

Unlike the case of all women who are in the need to assume motherhood alone after a divorce in which her partner evades his responsibility as a parent.

As organized if you are a single mother
In any case, go ahead our admiration for all those mothers who, by choice or necessity, have the courage to raise their children alone. Being a single mother has many advantages because you enjoy more of your children and in addition you control at all times the education that you want to receive. But this implies an added responsibility and, above all, organization and planning.

In any case you need one sufficient job stability as to which family you are creating does not require more income than yours. Working hours is another factor to consider. Ideally, the mother could work from home, and the truth is that more and more jobs that allow it, but if it is not your case, you must have secured a nursery with a compatible hours and which can deal with contingencies. Either way you’ll have to enlist the help of your family, usually grandparents, and your inner circle. Search for a reliable babysitter that can get you out of trouble as an occasional medical visit, a dinner of work or unforeseen closure of unexpected childcare can also be very useful.

Solidarity among mothers is something we have been talking a lot lately, so you can always resort to some mothers in your neighborhood, but be sure to be grateful and to lend your help when they need it.

Do not hesitate in any moment of your decision and focus on enjoying your children are damned the insecurities. You’ll know you’re doing well as you see the smile of your children.