How to overcome the death of a child

No words can explain the feeling is to losing a son. A mother who has accompanied her child to school each morning, who has taught him the manners at the table, who gave him his first rattles and read him stories every night until he remains asleep, has a unique connection with her son that nobody can remove. Then, how can a mother to overcome the death of their child? The procedure is different for every woman.

overcome the death of a child

None will take the same, and it is important to note that there are no periods of time required to pass each stage. Each case is different, every woman is different, and each grief is unique. Therefore, the mother has to understand that only at her own pace can bring suffering.

The different stages

Although each woman experiences her grief in a different way to the others, there are certain common stages for all mothers. The first feeling through that the mother usually lives is that of the shock. She will not believe, at the beginning, and with the death of his young child, he will not ring again at the doorbell on having come from the school, or who never sit at the table for dinner with the family.

The stage in which they do not believe what has happened will last for an undetermined period of time, it will be longer or shorter depending on the mother. Sooner or later come to absorb the news, such as the funeral. This stage will probably take longer to arrive, but with time we will return to the life that we lived before.

How to overcome?

The key to overcoming the death of a loved one is to let off some steam. Instead of preventing tears and letting us express ourselves, thinking that in this way will not suffer so much, it is preferable to let our feelings express that we are and what we feel. In this way it will arrive sooner the day the mother can return to smile.

One of the more positive to let off steam is to attend a support group in which to talk to other mothers and live all together the suffering involved in losing a son. It will also relieve the penalty read books on self-help, in which to feel identified with words. Express yourself.

Some say that suffering is never going but we learn to live with it. However, the pain comes to an end, and think that we will never recover only prolong this stage. When we remember our son without the memory hurts us, we will know that we are cured.