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How to prepare baby’s first meals

From the sixth month of life, the baby can go incorporating their first meals, beyond continuing with breast milk. In this article we share some recommendations on the baby’s first meals, which will mean not only a novelty for them from the nutritional point of view but also a way to strengthen the life and customs in family.

babys first meals

In addition to breast milk, and it may be incorporating gradually foods like fortified cereals, unsweetened yogurt – in small quantities – fruit in the form of slurry or crushed, banana, pear, peach or apple sauce, tofu, cottage cheese, vegetables or pureed meats. However you do not offer cow’s milk until after one year, because it is usually very strong for incipient digestion.

First, it will be important that you inculcate from child the habit of sharing the meal, the table, with you and with the family. A good tip is to go feeding him slowly and, between bite and bite, talk to him and go including it.

It is good idea that baby go knowing there is a time for everything: also to eat, what should respect and do without other distractions – TV, games, etc. – will be healthy also that eat in a quiet place and without

How do I feed him?
If you have a seat for the baby, much better, but you should see where he can sit comfortably with the back straight, which will not only benefit his posture and facilitate digestion, but it will also prevent choking.

On the other hand, although it is good that you give the food with the spoon, you should also allow him to touch the food occasionally. Contact with the textures help him fine motor skills, then it is a matter of thoroughly clean the place.

Flavors, variety and colors
Everything comes through the eyes, and more for babies: the advice is to separate the food color, thus the baby can go associating flavors with colors. In this way, we will also learn his preferences. Keep in mind to offer a wide variety of foods so he can get to know and incorporating slowly.

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