How to prevent and correct stretch marks

Over 90% of women have stretch marks. Usually it located on the hips, stomach, buttocks and breasts, and it is a common skin problem that arises for women during puberty and during pregnancy. However, though it is a widespread phenomenon, few know how it originate, how it can be prevented and even which treatments can attenuate them.

correct stretch marks

Why stretch marks appear
Stretch marks are the result of breakage of the elastic fibers of the skin. At first they are pinkish, then red and finally white. Although this process does not hurt, it can sometimes produce a burning sensation. But what are the causes of the break in the skin? These can be various: the skin can be stretched to accommodate an increased volume of the body, as though the skin is very elastic, it is a limit and when this is reached, the deep layers of the skin break and cause stretch marks.

The skin should adapt to changes in the body at different times, such as when sudden weight changes occur (for this reason stretch marks are very common during pregnancy) and when there are hormonal changes, girls reach puberty and chest begins to grow. Stretch marks also have a significant hereditary factor and may also appear when the skin is too dry and maintain a poor diet.

How to prevent stretch marks
Although there are many online recipes, diets and miracle concoctions that claim to prevent stretch marks and in the market there are many creams and other cosmetic products sold as the ultimate solution for them, it is true that there is no treatment that completely prevents the appearance of these, although you can make some recommendations to minimize them. Therefore, we must take special care during pregnancy and periods of growth while maintaining a diet rich in zinc (this mineral is found in fish, seafood, nuts and vegetables) and vitamins A, C and D. And do not forget to drink plenty of water or control weight. In periods of bodily change, you can use a good moisturizer as natural oils or cream.

How to treat stretch marks
Before discussing possible treatments, it is important to clarify that not all stretch marks are treatable. Before opting for one treatment or another have to consult a dermatologist for it to assess your situation. If you find that your case is solvable, then you can choose four different solutions.

The microdermabrasion is deeply exfoliate the skin with tiny crystals, this helps to improve the production of collagen and skin tone. On the other hand, treatment with Retin A or Tretinoin can help to improve the appearance of stretch marks, although contraindications, such as an excessive irritation and swelling. The laser is the ultimate choice for many dermatologists. This treatment is short, painless and leaves no scars. The laser acts to increase the temperature of the skin and its elasticity thus leaving a uniform and smoother skin.