How to protect yourself from the heat if you are pregnant

Falling pregnant is a wonderful, unique experience, but when this happens in summer, with changes in temperature between the inside of a house and the heat of the street, can make it more annoying to the woman. Therefore, you must perform a series of tricks to pass this session as warm and sunny as best as possible.

pregnant in summer

With the heat, you may feel dizzy or little desire to eat, but remember that eating well is one of the keys to our health and the baby. Try not to make large meals for digestion does not give you more heat and opt for complete salads and fresh fruit, yes, all very well washed to avoid problems. These dishes will hydrate naturally and make us fresher. Less salt to not retain liquids and a good supply of carbohydrates and protein will keep you in very good condition.

At the time of clothing, use light and natural clothing, such as linen, silk or cotton, which give us freedom of movement and not overwhelm us. Lingerie, moreover, is very important; pick a bra that fits you, which hold well, as our skin is a weak tissue during pregnancy. Try to ventilate the house well and use the air conditioning to avoid heat waves like these days. Also, try to leave early in the morning or afternoon, to avoid too much sun. Always carry a bottle of water and always opts for the sidewalk that gives shade, as the skin of a pregnant woman burns more easily.

If you like sport, choose swimming. In the water we lost weight and is much easier to move, so do more exercise with minimal effort and also be in a pool we will keep good temperature. Never forget a good sunscreen. Finally, do not expect to be thirsty, drink water or juices, which are less sugar drinks will bring you throughout the day and so to avoid possible dizziness and headaches.