How to teach our son to have patience

Does your child have no patience? One of the qualities that characterize all babies and all children in general is their impatience, something which is usually innate and that we must learn to control. For this reason, it is the parents and all the people who are around the small, as part of his inner circle who must make every effort to teach the child to have a lot more patience.

son to have patience

In this way, they will be able to value more waiting times and rewards of that waiting time for something they wish and desire, teaching them the importance of knowing how to wait because they must learn that not everything in life is happens when one wants to.

The first advice that we must continue to teach our son to have patience is not give him everything they asked us to the moment, especially if what they are asking is not something of vital importance. In this case, it is possible that the reaction was more typical of the small is to get angry and even cry and also shout, even in some cases to be aggressive. These attacks of anger and annoyance, as parents must control not to go to major and small begin to control themselves, so slowly they could have more patience.

Another trick to teach our children to have more patience is that they need to take care of something for a while. To do this we can take for example a plant for our son to see it grow every day taking care of it, getting the patience of this daily growth and the importance of care, thus be more accountable and will learn the value of patience nearby.