How to Treat Mosquito Bites in Children

With the arrival of summer we feel like living outside. Long excursions, walks in the midst of nature and outdoor activities that can turn into a great nightmare. Mosquitoes are one of the great enemies of our children.

This type of insects has a special preference for the delicate skin of the smallest of the house. It is normal to receive more than one bite during these days. To avoid the negative effects of these insects we propose a series of natural remedies to combat them.

mosquito bites in children

Types of mosquito and their effects

At present, there are different variants of this insect. From the more common ones that cause a moderate swelling to the tiger mosquito, an insect that is a bit more aggressive than its companions.

Only females bite and can cause increased irritation and itching. It is the most harmful insects to the smallest in the house.

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Tips for treating a mosquito bite

Specialists recommend not scratching not to irritate the skin too much. It is difficult for a child not to. It is important to distract and prevent further damage than necessary.

In addition, you must clean the area so that the most irritated part does not become infected. It is best to put on a bandage or gauze to protect the bite of external aggressions. Clean and wash with soap and cover later. A little ice will help lower the swelling produced and relieve symptoms for a few seconds.

Pharmaceutical remedies for mosquito bites

The classic mosquito repellent bracelet is one of the most commonly used remedies to prevent mosquito bites. Its function is to prevent mosquitoes from touching the child’s skin through artificial repellents.

The hydrocortisone ointment is one of the best treatments once the bite has occurred. The downside is that it may have contraindications, read the package insert well before applying it to the child. There are many people who are allergic and do not know, so better consult the pediatrician.

Antihistamines like Benadryl may be advisable if the sting is in a very annoying place for the child or is very swollen. It is a very effective remedy for mosquito bites, especially the tiger variant of this insect. The relief is immediate and the effects very long-lasting.

Mosquito bite remedies in children

Children are the most sensitive to these bites the best way to treat them with natural remedies. At home, we should always have the best bite remedies in children to avoid unnecessary suffering and pain that can be very unpleasant. Take note of these tips.

Aloe Vera: A traditional remedy

Aloe Vera is one of the most beneficial plants for our skin. Its properties soothe and soften the effects of irritation caused by mosquitoes.

Apply a bit of juice from a stem of aloe vera. After covering the stinger with gauze is one of the best possible solutions for the smallest in the house.

Apple cider vinegar: Disinfectant

Apple cider vinegar is an element we usually use for salads, but like all vinegars it is ideal for treating insect bites. In this case, we must use it because it is a magnificent antiseptic that will the area of infection and can lead to major evils.

Children are exposed to many infections by not being quiet and not being aware of the importance of proper hygiene. Bathing the child in apple cider vinegar is a way to eliminate possible impurities and getting them to avoid any infection.

Use two and a half cups of apple cider vinegar in each bath.

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Onion: A natural sedative

The onion is an element that helps our skin in a surprising way. With a slice of this food that we have in our fridge usually, have surprising results.

Leave it for a few minutes over the area and then wash the area with soap and water. You will see how the red color of the swelling has diminished and the effects of the mosquito bite are hardly visible.

Honey: Ancient remedy against bites

The ancient Romans used honey for many of their ailments. It is one of the natural elements with greater antiseptic power.
Apply it over the area, preventing the child from removing it and let it dry. Once you have achieved the negative effects of the bite through, you can clean the area with soap and warm water.

With these simple tricks we assure an improvement in these annoying bites. Protect your children from mosquito bites, through these simple and easy to apply natural remedies.