How to treat the baby’s cold

In the autumn, it is normal that with temperature changes, our baby can catch a cold. This viral infection primarily affects the nasal passages and throat, and manifests through sneezing, dry cough, mucus and in worst cases with fever. If you are a new mother we will teach you to relieve your baby’s cold:

treat baby cold

Purchase at the pharmacy a nasal serum for babies, thus relieve stuffy nose. Apply a few drops in the nostrils, in this way your baby can expel mucus that has accumulated during the cold.

If the baby is still very small, use a nasal aspirator which you can buy at the pharmacy. Do not abuse this appliance to do no harm to the baby’s nose. You can also use a humidifier in cold or hot water which should be placed in his bedroom one it prays before laying the baby on bed and leave at least a couple of hours, so the baby can breathe easily.

Place a pillow under the mattress so he can sleep a little up, so the small can breathe and sleep better. Do not be afraid if the cold lasting many days and if he has little appetite, this is normal, what you must do is moisturize frequently.

If the baby has a bad cough, it is best to ventilate the house in order to remove excess heat from the heater. Place a container full of cold water near the heating, so the atmosphere will be wet and the baby will less cough.

When go to bathe the baby can fill the tub with hot water and come together to the bathroom, so that the baby to breathe the steam that will help cleanse his airways. In case the baby continues with the discomfort more of the due thing, the best thing it will be to visit his pediatrician.