Ideas for a child’s healthy birthday party

The children’s birthday parties usually contain an overdose of calories and unhealthy sugars for children. Adults are often eager to please, which bombed them to sweets, chocolates, crisps, soft drinks and bakery products.

child's healthy birthday party

With these attitudes we are doing a disservice to our kids since, on the one hand, they feed poorly, but on the other hand, when they reach adulthood, become accustomed to use these products when they have a crisis because their parents used them as a reward. The appeal of these products is their presentation, colors and forms as well as the way it enhance scents and flavors.

We must be able to develop attractive food with healthy ingredients. The children what they care about is the presentation: tablecloths, dishes or cups with their favorite characters are a good start. The use of molds with different shapes and sizes that it can recognize also has proved a great success among the smaller so they can eat sandwiches or crackers with geometric or animal forms.

As for the ingredients list for our little ones, we recommend using different flavors of jams, ham and cheese, tuna, apple, egg, chicken, tomato, lettuce, walnuts, olives, mayonnaise, potato, cocoa butter … As for drink, it is recommended to prepare juices or milkshakes to replace soft drinks.

As for dessert, fruit salads, gelatins, ice cream and custard are healthy and tasty options. Finally, any birthday party should not miss the cake, we recommend that you prepare yourself with sponge, cream and fruits cake will love!