Improves the snack of the children with these tips

The feeding of the children should be balanced and nutritious, which is sometimes hampered by the lack of time, for the day to day, full of carbohydrates, fatty food and industrial bakery. In this article we have some tips to improve the snack of your children, in such a way as to reduce the “empty calories” and increase the nutrients they need for normal growth and development.

snack of children

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Both breakfast and snack are two meals that should be, which, however, are often overlooked. The best option will always be that the child could do it at home, but if they are in school, then it will be necessary to send their meat in the tupperware.

For a snack, one of the ideas is to increase consumption of fresh fruit: place it whole or in pieces and/or segments. A more attractive way for children is to offer it in a salad, but always in a natural way, without added sugar or industrial juices.

The general advice is to avoid pastries and cookies, these are not only unhealthy products that provide extra calories but do not provide nutrients to the body. A better option would be to make homemade cookies, cakes or breads, preferably using vegetable oil and wheat flour.

Also tries to introduce in their palate with the dry fruits: these are a healthy option of energy and nutrients, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. You can be offered with natural fruit juice or a yogurt.

A sandwich, a classic: you can send them sandwich bread with a few slices of cheese, egg and tuna, ham and tomato, among other options.

With these small changes will become accustomed to the little ones of the house to the new flavors, healthier, nutritious, and reducing the bad habit of industrial sweets daily.