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In what position should sleep a newborn?

New mothers often have many doubts about baby care and one of them comes to bedtime to sleep. This moment is certainly very important, and mistakes can be fatal for baby. Many mothers will already have heard of the “crib death” or the “cot death”, and that can happen if the baby sleep in the wrong position.

newborn to sleep

However, you must remember to remain calm at all times, as the sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) can be prevented by following a series of recommendations regarding the position in which you must put the newborn to sleep, and which we explained below.

Lay the sow face up
Never sleep the baby face down, do always face up. Many scientific studies claim that this is the best position for newborns because it is able to breathe properly and the risk of choking is eliminated. In this pose the risk of SIDS is reduced by 50%, being the slightly side position recommended.

Always use a crib
Never put your baby to sleep in your bed, especially in the first weeks of life. It would run the risk of choking and even could hurt without realize when sleeping. It is important to install the crib in your room so you can hear at night in case he needs something.

Do not use a soft mattress or pillow
If the mattress is too soft baby can sink between the empty spaces that are created. The best is one firm and comfortable that stability to the infant.

In addition, it is preferable to avoid the pillows and cushions in the first months to eliminate the risk of choking.

Keep the room ventilated and at 20ºC
Being a long time in the same room, the air becomes condenses and does not favor the breath of the small. Remember to change it from time to time to the living room, or where you can watch him, so that gives time to ventilate the room. In addition, the ideal temperature for baby is around 20 degrees Celsius, but without leaving a narrow margin. Note that excessive heat may cause fever, so it is important that you select a few blankets that are not thick.

Do not smoke around the baby
The smoke is very harmful to the infant, and even exorbitantly increases the risk of asphyxia when not being able to breathe properly. This may be the perfect excuse to get stop smoking permanently. You must keep in mind always that the benefits of neglecting the snuff are very wide and get improve both your health and that of your baby.

Put the pacifier for sleep
Some studies have shown that the pacifier can reduce by 90% risk of SIDS, since it manages to keep the face of the baby’s mattress, favoring breathing. It is a simple and safe method that will make your little one away from the risk of asphyxia.

Give breast milk
Breastfeeding has great benefits for the baby, including decreased risk of SIDS. That is why we strongly recommend that bet by this type of feeding at least in the first shots.

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