Insomnia in babies: the Sleep hygiene is also a thing of children

The arrival of a baby in the family is a great joy, great satisfaction, lots of laughs and surprises, but also many sleepless nights. The new parents are not explained how it is possible to remain standing after a few months without sleeping more than three hours. It turns out that babies also suffer from insomnia because nobody has taught them to sleep.

insomnia in babies

Sleep in babies

Insomnia in babies can be of various types. Either the baby can not sleep, or wake up many times during the night. And the true thing is that in the first months of life it is when more hours he needs to sleep. The baby barely sleep at night, compensates the depletion falling asleep at times during the day, but we cannot forget what it means night after night without sleep for parents.

Although we consider normal for a baby to sleep at intervals during the day and at night, it’s not entirely true. A baby can sleep all night hitch, but we must teach to do so, in the same way that we teach him to eat or speak. It is so important to teach you to sleep, that that learning will depend on their quality of sleep in the future.

It should take into account that the biological clock of a baby still does not distinguish day from night. As their sleep cycle is not regulated, parents will be those who must teach them that distinction-based routines and familiar elements. But one thing must be clear, if the parents do not come down the pace of activities in the evening, the baby will notice it and it will be impossible to sleep.

Sleep hygiene is also for babies

Do not enter the different ideologies of the families, if it is better for the baby to learn to sleep alone or, on contrary, co-sleeping is preferable. But whatever the choice, the baby must learn and acquire a regular sleep patterns. Always the same, because to sleep, as in so many other things, they learn based on repetition.

Create a sleep hygiene for babies is to perform a series of rituals, always the same, always in the same order, always with the same elements and always at the same time for the baby to go by relating these activities with the act of sleeping. Bath, dinner, reading a story, teddy bear and light off can be the perfect order that the child go by associating each time and each object with bedtime.

The truth is that it is easier to teach a baby to sleep, especially if the parents themselves are unaware of the importance of proper sleep hygiene for themselves. In any case, during the process of learning sleep habits, parents will need higher doses of patience and will.

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