Is it good to sleep with your baby?

Sleeping with your child is a practice known as co-sleeping. It is a personal decision that parents of the baby should be taken. While some argue that co-sleeping is a practice that benefits both mom and her son, some say that interferes with the baby’s development.


If you are considering the possibility of sleeping with your baby, we show you the the pros and cons of co-sleeping, so that it may be easier to decide.

The defenders of the co-sleeping claim that it facilitates breastfeeding and strengthens emotional bonds. In addition, to sleep in the same bed, it is easier for the mother to attend to the baby when requires, thereby improving the quality of sleep in both.

To its detractors, the co-sleeping interferes in the process of building the identity of the child and harms the development of their autonomy. There are also those who believes that the closeness between the breast and the baby makes this wakes up more often to eat.

For some parents sleeping with their children makes it difficult to find time to be alone and interferes with their sex life.