Keys to survive having twins

Although for the majority of people have children are one of the most important moments of their life, the fact is that there are times when we can overcome our motherhood, especially when we have twins and ultimately a multiple birth. Therefore, it is necessary that we take into account a series of keys to survive this situation and grow up our two children in the best way.

twin care

The first key when it comes to taking care of our children when it comes to twins is to ask for help. We can get help from our immediate family members, as parents, brothers, in-laws or brothers-in-law. Any help will be short and we must keep in mind that having twins should bathe almost at the same time, something that happens in the same way with the lunch among other things. Everything is a matter of organizing around the help that we can receive and give children to feed or bathe them at the same time provided that we have long-awaited help.

And speaking of help, another key to successfully care of our twins is counted at all times with the complicity and complement each other with the father of our children. It is best to take turns, especially at night when we have them to eat, something that in case it is a feeding-bottle the fathers can do.

In addition, each can handle every day the care of one of their children so that they are fully catered for without this being a real chaos in their health. And of course, we must arm ourselves with all the patience in the world, carrying out organizational tasks to avoid chaos and taking the situation with humor.

Only in this way will we survive our multiple birth and simultaneous care of two children of the same age.

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