Keys to visiting a newborn

When a family gives birth to a baby, be it among friends or relatives, it is normal for us to have a huge desire to know what the baby is like. They want to know how the delivery was and to know the baby’s face. The birth of a baby is not only a special event for parents, but also for family and friends.

visiting a newborn

For parents the birth of their baby is an incredible and very happy experience, but at the same time very tired. The mother will have to rest, the father to give out of the baby’s registry, and surely they will need some help. Apart from that, they will also have to receive visits that will soon invade the hospital room.

Although the ideal is not to visit a newborn, at least during the first days after birth, if after a few days you want to visit him to meet and congratulate the parents or to tell them that if they need something they have your help … some essential keys that you must know in the case that you have decided to visit a newborn.

These keys are both for parents who will have to establish basic rules, as well as for the visitors that should take them into account so as not to bother parents in their first days as recent parents.

Taking a newborn home for the first time is a very exciting experience, but for parents it can also be a time of fear and uncertainty. The parents have planned that moment for 9 months, but when they get home that wonderful moment has already begun. Friends and family will really want to meet the precious baby.

This is completely understandable but it is necessary to understand that parents can feel overwhelmed because for them it is all new too. These basic rules or keys are necessary limits so that the first visits can be full of happiness and not so that they are filled with anxiety and stress.

Establish a schedule of visits

If you are going to visit some recent parents, you should ask the time that is best for them to go and it will be you who must adapt to those times. If you cannot, it is best going another day. If you are a new mother or father, then you should think about the days and visiting hours so that friends and family can go and meet your baby. This way you can control the crowds, establish visits for days and avoid that 10 people gather at the same time in your house.

Parents in this way will also have the opportunity to prepare themselves before the guests arrive and plan that time and the rest of the day. Inopportune visits or at the worst time of all will be avoided.

If they are sick, do not visit

This is paramount. A baby has low defenses and a very weak immune system and what for an adult can be a normal cold, for a baby it can be deadly. For this reason if you are sick simply do not visit a baby or if you are the father or the mother and a visit comes that is sick, although apparently good, do not let you get closer to your baby and if you are not going to visit. Until you regain, better.

risky to hold

It is risky to hold him in your arms

Holding a newborn baby is not a very complicated one, but it requires some practice, or at least knowing how it is done. In fact, it is essential to hold the head because during the first days the muscles of the neck are still very weak and the small cannot hold the head on own.

Also, support should be offered to the spine to avoid sudden involuntary movements that may affect the child, although care must be taken not to press too much. Therefore, it is not recommended to let all the people hold the baby, especially those who never have.

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Maximum hygiene

Do not worry about looking insulting if you ask your guests to wash their faces and hands before approaching the baby. It is necessary to do it to avoid infections or any other type of disease that can be transmitted. It is also a good idea to have a bottle of disinfectant near where the visitors are so that everyone can have the opportunity to disinfect it as soon as they enter the door.

Breastfeeding time

Sometimes it is a moment that causes stress in some mothers, for several reasons: because they do not know if milk comes out, the beginning of feeding can hurt, they need advice from midwives, the breasts are very large, etc.

In other words, the most recommended thing is for mothers to breastfeed by themselves and enjoys that intimate moment with their baby. Therefore, when that moment comes, leave the room and let them live their intimate moment!

Offer and accept the help

When your friends and family offer to help you either to cook or clean your home … does not be bad and accept it! Say yes and then give thanks. If you are the guest and you realize that those parents are tired and overwhelmed, offer your help because that is the best gift you can give.

The visit is not leisure

The visitor has gone to your house to meet your precious baby, has not entertained, so do not be overwhelmed by being a good host because it is not your role now. If you are visiting, the ideal is to bring something to eat or snack, and if they forget not to make them, make your coffee, go to the kitchen and prepare coffee for parents and then another for you!

A NO on time is a good idea

All those who have had a baby will understand it. If you need to cancel a visit with friends or family members to be more quiet in your home, do not feel bad and simply do it.

If you are the visitor and you were about to leave home and the new parents warn you to tell you that you better visit at another time that you do not feel bad, if they tell you, it will always be for something. Respect their privacy and try to go at another time that suits them.