Kiss children on the mouth: Yes or no?

A question that seems simple but that, in reality, hides much more. In fact, to kiss children on the mouth is a way of showing affection that not all parents share. In general, most parents consider that kiss kids on the mouth is an accepted and accomplice to a certain age, from birth to two or three years. Why? Because, although we realize it or not we find it hard to believe, between three and four years, children are losing the pure innocence of the early years. It is when you begin to discover other emotions and other feelings, such as a sense of decency, even a hint of malice, and also discover their sexuality.

kiss children on mouth

Therefore, receiving a kiss on the lips of mom or dad can they carry confusion, and may even cause the child some sense of shame and fear to stimulate the erotic fantasies.

The kiss on the mouth given by parents as a habit that does not pass over the years could be interpreted by the older children as a normal gesture and, as such, easily applicable in any social context. A classic example: the child accustomed to receiving such signs of affection in the home will be more inclined to return even to the school or the Park to mate or the little friend with whom he shares the games, which might generate some problem on having been interpreted badly by the other party.

These are some of the reasons why it is better to abandon this habit and show affection and love to the children of thousand other possible ways, with cuddles and hugs, phrases and sweet kisses on the cheek, for example. Remember also that the kiss on the mouth of infants should be a gesture to the exclusive mastery of mom and dad, not to other family members and friends. And, of course, should avoid them in the presence of colds or other infections, since the throat is an immediate and easy gateway for viruses and bacteria.