Let your children get dirty when playing

There are many parents who get very stressed when their children are in the park because they get dirty… but the reality is that this concern is misplaced since children are children! And while it is true that you are the one who should clean those stains, it is your children who need to get dirty to continue growing and developing.

children get dirty when playing
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If a boy or girl begins to dance in the rain and get covered in water and mud, you may worry that they will catch a cold or stain their clothes too much. Although if you look at the expression on your child’s face, it is more likely that you can see true happiness on their face.

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Do you let your child get dirty when playing outside?

Perhaps you have never before stopped to think about whether you allow your child to get dirty when playing outdoors. It is possible that when he gets dirty you scold him almost without realizing it and tell him to be more careful.

If this happens to you, we are going to give you some advice: start relaxing this part of you and stop stressing yourself when your children get dirty when they play.

Why is this important? Because when your children are playing and having fun, in addition to connecting millions of neurons at the same time while enjoying themselves, they will be creating quality memories. They will learn while having fun and best of all, they will feel absolute happiness for enjoying their time like this.

Did you stain your clothes?

Sometimes, you just have to do some introspective work and remember what our childhood was like. It is true that parenting was not the same 30 years ago as it is now… but the development of the mind and the enjoyment of games in childhood remain the same. More than likely you’ll stain your clothes, rip your pants, and even come home with sore knees.

What was not missing on your face was a smile of satisfaction at how much fun you had enjoying nature and the game. Surely thinking about those little moments generates a feeling of nostalgia that makes you smile again… and it’s not for less! They were afternoons of games and laughter that cannot be paid for with all the money in the world.

child get dirty
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So, think of that boy or girl that lives inside you and remember how much fun you had playing and staining your clothes. Why now do you deny it to your children? Happiness is much more important than a clean shirt or pants without holes. Happiness and emotional well-being are not bought with money.

You may think that if he gets dirty he can get sick, but the reality is that he can get sick in many other ways and having fun is necessary.

The little moments of dirty clothes and lots of laughter are those that are treasured in the soul and will always last in the mind, forming us as happy people thanks to our comforting memories.

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A little dirt never hurt anyone

A little dirt won’t hurt anyone and there’s nothing so horrible that a washing machine or a good stain remover can’t fix. In addition, we can tell you that allowing your children to get dirty is even beneficial since it will increase their immune system and make them more resistant to aggression.

Of course, with this we do not mean that you let your children always go dirty or that you do not work on hygiene… we simply want to convey to you that if your child is playing and having a good time, do not override that moment just because it has been stained the clothes…