Lice in children: How to detect and remove them effectively

The lice are a real ordeal for the children and their parents. With the return to school and the entry of this time of year, return to grow the possibilities of getting lice. Since there is something inevitable, can only be provided with good products to treat and alleviate the annoying itching caused by their bites. Take note to know detect lice of your children and know what treatments apply to get rid of them.

lice in children

How to know if your child has lice? Very easy. The bites cause a lot of trouble, but we need only to observe if scratches more often than usual, especially in the area of the neck and behind the ears. When we see scratches in these areas, to corroborate we can leave doubts wetting his hair and having a fine-tooth comb close together. This technique will drag to the bugs and spawns and allow detecting easily.

Once we’ve found that our child has lice and eggs, we must warn the child of the precautions you should take while you are at home. For example, it is very important to always use the same towel, tiaras, hairpins, combs or hats and not exchanged with anyone. This way we will avoid spreading more the problem by their environment. We must also maximize the hygiene of the child.

Second, we should try to remove eggs and lice with a specific anti-lice product such as permethrin lotion, which containing no toxic. This lotion is applied to dry hair, insisting on the nape of the neck and behind the ears. Then you have to cover your head with a plastic bag or special hat for this and wait for the time indicated by the prospectus. Then rinse thoroughly with water and dry with a towel and comb with comb pair if observe eggs.