Myths about baby care

When you’re a new mother is normal to feel fear when it comes to care for the baby. Everyone wants to give advice and ideas, mainly of family and friends who have already lived the experience. But the reality is that there are many myths that arise about the care of the kids.

baby myths

Then we mention the main myths that arise from the aging of the baby:

  • If the baby is hot do not necessarily he has a fever, it is best to put the thermometer, so this will verify if he has a fever. Like if he sneeze or cough, it is not a symptom that is cold, it’s how you use to clean the throat or nose.
  • Nor should we sterilize baby objects whenever its fall to the ground. The babies have their immune system that protects him from the vast majority of bacteria. The extreme hygiene measures should be followed only when the baby is premature.
  • Another myth is that of tapping baby burp after eating. Rub his back a few minutes will more than suffice. If not burp, it is that it is not necessary at the time.
  • Babies do not need a strict sleep schedule, but a routine that is regular. Remember that every baby is different and not all sleep the same hours.
  • Regarding the monthly visits to a pediatrician, each autonomous community has its schedule of reviews, this tends to coincide with the dates of vaccines. If the baby sleeps well, gets weight and eat properly, we must not take him monthly to the pediatrician.
  • Crying does not help the maturation of the lungs, when a baby is crying because he need something. Another myth is on that the sugar removes the hiccup, we do not advise to try sugar as long as he is so small.
  • One myth of time of our grandmothers is that the baby can not get out until he has 15 days after birth, as if his teeth out before he will be more intelligent, or that he can not cut the nails during the first months.