Onychomycosis in children: how to cure it

Onychomycosis is defines as an infection of the skin caused by fungi. Although we may think that these infections are typical of adults, the truth is that this disorder can also occur in children. Its symptoms or most obvious signs are yellow, thick nails and peeling of the skin. However, this is a symptom that should be evaluated by your pediatrician or dermatologist to not be confused with another condition or skin problem.


One of the reasons that may be behind the Onychomycosis is the use of certain types of footwear, in particular of the very closed-toe shoes and that can favour that the foot does not breathe well. Similarly, children, especially in summer, are more exposed to infection by the time they spend in the pool.

What are the symptoms and how to cure fungus on the nails of children?

Onychomycosis, which affects the toenails than the hands, it is manifested by the change of color, tending to yellow, thickening and desquamation. Whitish streaks or spots of color between brown and black may appear.

In these cases, the best advice we can give is to consult a dermatologist to confirm if it is indeed of Onychomycosis and what type of fungus in particular is. Usually, for children, it opts for treatment less invasive-based ointments and lotions for topical use. These are products that are also found in pharmacies without a prescription.

It is also recommended to follow your doctor’s instructions about treatment carefully, because otherwise it could have an impact or be ineffective. Beware of the self-medication in children, i.e., without consulting a doctor giving a certain drug, since not all the drugs available in the market for adults are also suitable for children.

To improve treatment outcomes and prevent relapse, it is recommended that children use breathable shoes and hundred percent cotton socks and keep feet dry during the day. Fungi, in fact, thrive in humid environments; therefore, sweating can also be harmful.

The most vulnerable children to suffer Onychomycosis are those who have weaker immune system; therefore, to help in healing, can also help strengthen its defenses (e.g., taking royal jelly).

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