Postpartum: 5 supports for the breasts

Both the period of pregnancy and the postpartum and lactation cause significant changes in the body of women and, specifically, in the breasts. The hormonal changes, stress of the skin by increasing volume can cause unwanted aesthetic effects on the breasts, and this only in the nine month period. So that the changes do not catch us unprepared and to curb damage to the skin and the shape of the breasts, should meet some of the most appropriate solutions to avoid the side effects of pregnancy and lactation.


Hot and cold showers
The shower every morning, so much for hygiene reasons, such as to strengthen the breast tissue and to activate the bloodstream. A simple gesture that strengthens. Simply direct the spray from the shower to the chest in a circular motion, alternating water temperature (hot and cold), at intervals of about ten seconds.

Moisturize the skin of the chest during and after pregnancy is essential to maintain a firm and elastic skin and prevent, for example, stretch marks. Moisturize with creams and oils such as sweet almond. It is also important to drink more fluids, 2 liters of water every day and eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables.

In the same way that proper hydration is a good ally, also are the massages. All you need is a little patience to get very good results. Every morning and every evening, when the moisturizer or oil is applied to the chest, it is crucial to do with a series of circular motions for a few minutes.

To strengthen and maintain firm the chest muscles and prevent it from falling down, there are a number of very effective exercises. For example: standing, elbows out, hands together in front of chest, press the palms with force for a few minutes; then relax and repeat.

Pregnancy bra and lactation
It seems an insignificant aspect, but the bra during pregnancy and during breastfeeding is an essential accessory. It is important to choose the suitable size, preferably without loops or too much detail, a comfortable and breathable material that holds the breast without crushing.