Pregnancy: Physical changes that occur in your body

Pregnancy is one of the most important stages in the life of a woman. And although meet these nine months of changes ahead with joy be forming a new life and your own family, you probably are not really aware of all the changes that will occur at the physical and emotional level. Therefore it is important to be prepared for everything to come and learn to accept your body in every moment of pregnancy and after delivery.

physical changes in pregnancy

Physical changes during pregnancy
The hormonal revolution that carries a pregnancy and the fact that you’re creating a new life inside you will make your body undergoes a radical transformation. You gain weight, hips widen, and breasts increase about two sizes and forms your body is changing. But there are more and you have to prepare to accept it with a positive attitude.

Throughout your pregnancy you will notice how your vaginal changes and it will be converted into a white liquid and odor-free. In case that the flow turning yellow; you should go to the gynecologist, because it might be a question of an infection. Visits to the bathroom will become more frequent as your pregnancy progresses due to the pressure of the fetus on the uterus.

It is also common to suffer from back pain and lumbar and notice a reduction in the balance. To relieve these pains somewhat recalls that is also recommended physical exercise during pregnancy, provided that it fits your particular situation. Keep in mind, that is if you face your next maternity leave in good physical shape, can reduce the pain and discomfort of pregnancy.

Your body after childbirth
Something that particularly concerned about women is how will be your body after childbirth. The sculpted bodies that look celebrities three weeks after giving birth are not a likely possibility for the majority of women. The weight gained with pregnancy does not easily disappear.

The extra kilos are not the only physical scars that remain after motherhood. The flaccidity is another problem that affects your body after child birth losing all the smoothness of the skin. And stretch marks make their appearance due to sudden change in weight with the consequent difficulty to eliminate it.

Regain your figure after giving birth is not easy and probably take you longer than you want, because from now you will have less time for yourself. With the arrival of the baby and all changes that occur in your home and in your life, all your dedication will go towards the new member of the family and the last thing you think will be on how to recover your figure.

But as far as possible, it is highly recommended to keep some physical activity to retrieve the skin tone and later it’s time to seriously consider lowering weight. Because now it is the time to completely enjoy with your baby.