Pregnancy: Tips for better sleep during the last quarter

Sleep well during pregnancy can be difficult to achieve, especially in the last quarter, in which the abdomen is an impediment for an ideal sleep, often being difficult to find a comfortable position. However, it is essential to rest well to deal with forces childbirth and the postpartum period. On this occasion, we have some tips to fall asleep and sleep better during this stage, especially in the last period.

sleep better during last quarter

On its side, on the left side
The best sleeping position is on its side, on the left side, since the weight of the abdomen lies on this side, without understanding of intestines or other sensitive parts of the body. In addition, to complete the posture, sleep with your legs bent, if possible, with a cushion between them, to improve circulation. This helps to avoid also the fluid retention and swelling.

The cushion will also help to keep in line the back and avoid hip pain, as well as the possible inflammation of the sciatic nerve.

During the day, to avoid pain, we recommend using a belt or pregnancy wrap, which will hold back and pelvis while standing, subtracting some weight to the belly and allowing to come better to the night.

Other nighttime discomforts
Other nighttime discomfort may have to do with the so many times you get up to go to the bathroom, so it is recommended not to drink too much fluid before going to bed. Anyway, you should know that it is normal to feel more need to urinate when the baby pressing the bladder.

There may also be other discomforts such as heartburn: which also hinder the sleep. To avoid this, it is best to eat light and wait at least one hour before going to bed. Going to bed a little incorporated also can be of big help, as it will prevent reflux.

On the other hand, if it is very hot, having on hand a bottle of water can be a good idea (although you have to go to the bathroom). It will be important to try to keep the room at a suitable temperature, and with few bed clothes.

Physical activity during pregnancy and cramps
It will be important to stay active during your pregnancy, even taking small walks, however, mothers often complain of cramps in the legs, which can be increased at night. As a tip, to avoid or reduce them, it is to eat a banana before going to bed.

Another good idea is to make small massage to relax your legs and activate circulation. So also, take a warm bath to eliminate accumulated muscle tension and reactivating the bloodstream. Another tip: before bed, keep your leg up for a few minutes.