Preterm birth: an evil increasingly frequent

We do not know for certain why but increasingly more premature births occur. 15% of the newborns around the world are today premature; a figure that decade ago was much lower.

premature births

The babies complete gestation in the nine-month period marked by nature. When this time is reduced, the chances of vulnerability of babies increase exponentially. It is considered premature or preterm birth when it occurs at below 37 weeks of gestation.

Medical advances have also favored a high percentage of babies who are born prematurely to exceed this circumstance, though below 28 weeks, babies are particularly fragile and the mortality rate is very high.

Causes of premature births
The conclusion is clear: premature births should be avoided to safeguard the integrity of the newborn. But this is difficult to ensure that when we do not even know well why they occur. Of course, much of premature births occur in developed societies.

What causes shuffles the scientific community? Experts believe that job stress can affect the delay in the age of motherhood, maternal health problems, techniques of assisted reproduction or multiple births.

Let us hope that the trend will change and the number of preterm births around the world descends.