Preventing nightmares in children

If your children have nightmares constantly, you must follow these tips to prevent him from having a stormy night. Discover how to avoid it here!

nightmares in children

There is a time in the lives of all children that wake up every night crying and frightened, this is due to the dreaded nightmares. These appear between two years and increase between 3 to 7 years, but a bad dream lasts approximately 3 minutes, 3 minutes that haunt his life for few years.

So learn to avoid nightmares and how to solve the fear they feel after waking up, as most fear of any object or person who has been involved in sleep. To prevent the monsters from invading the dreams of children it is important to not send them to bed extremely tired.

As the main problem of sleep problems is because children have not had enough sleep, they should sleep about 10 hours on a regular schedule. The place to rest should be silent and the right temperature. Avoid scary or exciting stories to not influence in the dream, as well as caffeine, or drinks with high amounts of sugar, it is also important that you do not send to sleep to your children with threats, as this causes problems of sleeping and emotional disorders.

Learn to control the nightmares!

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