Relationship between the pregnant woman’s diet and diabetes in the baby

Did you know that there is a relationship between diet that follows pregnant women and diabetes in the baby? A recent scientific study has shown that the diet of pregnant women influence over what could be up now the baby’s health. Until now it was known that if the mother does not eat adequate food during the months of pregnancy, the fetus does not receive enough glucose to properly fuel baby brain, and therefore there is a lower fetal growth.

pregnant women diet

The new discovery has proved that the diet carrying a pregnant woman also influences on glucose and insulin that presents the child at birth, which can predispose to diabetes or metabolic syndrome.

It has been statistically proven that when pregnant mother take adequate energy, your child has a weight considered normal at birth, on the order of 3.3 to 3.5 kilograms. This implies a balanced Mediterranean diet, and takes care of eating the right amount of food for each woman.

The problem comes when the majority of women do not strive to improve their diet, both in quality and in quantity, when they are pregnant. This means that more than half of women consume diets that provide many low quality products rich in saturated animal fats and low in carbohydrates from vegetables or legumes.

The conclusion of this study is that doctors should strive to educate mothers about the need to eat well during pregnancy, balanced Mediterranean type diets.

If you are pregnant, watch your power to prevent diabetes in your baby!