School’s Out! Play With Your Kids All Summer Long On Your Unique Jungle Gym

Every child looks forward to the summer and every parent scrambles to find a plethora of things for them to do. When you need to keep the kids occupied for three months, the pressure is on. Summer camps and vacations can cover a portion of the time, but you need to have something prepared for the average Thursday when the kids are staring at you with that look of boredom in their eyes. Unfortunately, the idea of our children spending hours on end staring at a TV or computer screen is becoming more commonplace. However, the rise of childhood obesity means that it is the last thing you should consider.

kids play

In a study done by the internet security company AVG, 58 per cent of children aged two to five could play computer games but only 43 per cent of them were proven to be able to ride a bike. In addition, 10 per cent of these subjects could use cellphone apps but only nine per cent could tie their shoes. The most shocking statistic they revealed indicated that there are more children with the ability to open a web browser, but not the ability to swim. It is time we sent our kids outside to play.

Sure, most school and park playgrounds have swing sets and a jungle gym. Taking your children to the park during the summer months can result in crowds of children all vying and jockeying for space—taking your kids to the park at peak hours can be a nightmare. Installing a customized jungle gym or swing set on your property is easy and can be done on any budget. The possibilities are endless. Play systems are not what they once were. You can now customize your jungle gym with a slide, castle, clubhouse, rock climbing wall and a vast array of other structural add-ons. Jungle gyms are great exercise for kids, building arm muscles, coordination skills, and a variety of social benefits when they play with others.

Another addition you should consider adding to your brand new play area is a basketball feature. Everyone loves shooting hoops. Whether you have a big yard or a small one, installing a basketball hoop is nearly effortless. A game of “HORSE” with the kids will not only get them out of the house for some well-deserved exercise, but it will get you out the house, too. With the right encouragement, you can make it part of your regular routine. With our busy schedules, it can be difficult to make the time to get out and be active. Building your own personal playground is a great way to keep your kids safe and provide them a place to play whenever they want. When the park’s jungle gym is in your own backyard, it’s much easier to tell your kids to go outside and play without worrying.

Building an outdoor or indoor jungle gym in the GTA is easy if you rely on experts. At Play Rainbow, experts can deliver and build your system for you. Or, if cost is an issue, you can build it yourself following the simple instructions. As your kids get older, you can continue to expand on your system by adding new features and removing outdated ones. Basketball is especially crucial as your children learn how to play competitive sports.

Keeping our kids busy during the summer is important. It is the time of year where the weather is beautiful and everyone can be convinced to go play outside. No child can resist having their own backyard playground, and if you live in the GTA, it’s easier than ever to buy customized jungle gyms and basketball equipment from Play Rainbow. By creating a customized play system for your children, you’ll be reinforcing the adage that physical exercise is fun and exciting. Help them stay active and they will thank you later.