Seven simple everyday gestures that will make your children happier

The parents are going to thousand. The routines traps us and we end up doing mechanical, predictable things, without putting that dose of “heart” so necessary to turn a normal day into an extraordinary day in the lives of our children.

everyday gestures

I myself see many times in that automaton state, where responsibilities surpass me and I do not have room to do anything special, so I propose to make a change. I suggest seven simple everyday gestures that you can start putting into practice today that will make your children happier.

Have a little detail

Propose every day to do something special for your child or your children. It does not have to be anything mega impressive, but on the contrary, a small detail, something simple that he cheer the day.

It can be a motivating note in the backpack, on the school agenda or under the pillow for him to see before he goes to sleep. The phrase is very personal, you can apologize if you have discussed, leave a reflection, a motivating message, or a simple “I love you infinite, mom”.

Play with your children

What the children want is to share time with their parents. This is what makes them happiest, but not many parents play with their children every day.

I propose that you reserve a little time a day to play with them. But playing seriously, without distractions, or mobile, or TV … I assure you that it is not a waste of time, on the contrary, it is the best time invested of the day.

Put aside the mobile

The time when you share with your children, leaves the mobile side. We are so hooked that we are distracted from the importance of caring for our children, listening to their concerns and needs.

Do a small disconnect exercise when you come back from work or when you are at home with your children. Our children are much more important than the mobile.

Dedicate an exclusive time

When you have only one child it is easier, but if you have more than one, we rarely have a time alone with each of our children.

I propose that you do something exclusively with each of your children. Cooking with one, taking a walk with another, doing a craft together … whatever, but devote one hundred percent to each the time you deserve with them.

read story before sleep

Read a story before sleep

Not all parents do it and it is a detail that seems to have no importance but definitely makes a difference. When they grow up, your children will remember all the life that you read a story before sleeping.

It will only take you ten minutes each night and really it is worthwhile. You will see that your children love it and you will all enjoy that special moment of the day.

Ask him how he is

With the rush of day to day, we sometimes stop doing basic things like asking our loved ones how they are. Our children are what we most want in the world, so it is a key that they have confidence in us to tell us their things.

Ask him, according to his stage of development, how he has been at school, with whom he has played, what he liked most today, if he is sad or happy… This will also help them learn to identify and express their emotions.

Give him a hug every day

At least one daily hug is a wonderful therapy that you have to put into practice today if you do not do it yet. Do you hug your child every day? A hug at the beginning of the day or at the end of the day before sleeping (or better both) will fill you with affection and energy. Do not skip a single day.