Severe symptoms in pregnancy

Every year a million women die of pregnancy-related causes in the middle world. The main causes of maternal death are: abortion (33%), hemorrhage (14%), infections (12%) and hypertension. These same causes can produce the death of the newborn, along with others, such as premature babies. The neonatal mortality (from 0-28 days of life) is responsible for over 60% of infant mortality (0-1 year life). More than half of these deaths are preventable.

symptoms in pregnancy

Severe symptoms in pregnant women and baby
It is important that all pregnant women recognized as symptoms that may endanger the life of the woman and fetus:

  • The loss of fluid or blood from genitals;
  • Marked swelling of the legs, hands, face or feet;
  • The burning urination;
  • The fail to feel baby movements or perceive that moves less than usual;
  • Frequent contractions;
  • Fever;
  • A persistent headache;
  • Blurred vision;
  • Persistent vomiting.

It is necessary with the mothers talk about what are the possibilities to attend to the establishment of derivation and think with her ​​different forms of access if the health center could not handle the transfer.

The maternal, fetal and neonatal mortality is a tragic symptom of a serious social injustice which can only be tackled from a comprehensive view of the problem. There are causes that hinder the arrival of women to health services, preventing detect situations of risk during pregnancy and childbirth, or the newborn. The most common are: the distance to the health center, limited hours care, problems with the care of their other children while going to the Health Center, the limited information on the need for controls, limited formal education.

All this can make preconception women have no control, no visit to the doctor during pregnancy or after childbirth, do not regularly take their children to the health center and not resort to sexual health services and responsible procreation for planning future pregnancies.