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Signs that indicate that you are pregnant

Would you like to become pregnant? Are you in search of a baby? In this article, share the signals that could be warning of a pregnancy, from the least to the most obvious. While it depends on each woman, most of the women do not begin to feel the symptoms of being pregnant until the fourth to sixth week of pregnancy, so it will have to be attentive to small changes that will be taking place.

sign of possible pregnancy

One of them is the change in mood or on humor: fluctuating hormones and also cause changes in the mood of women. There are women who can begin to feel more melancholy or other more anxious, there are moms who feel hyper-sensitized and other colder, depends in partly on every organism.

The distaste to certain food is another sign of possible pregnancy: with the same hormonal changes there takes place a perception different from the food and from their characteristics. In fact, many women feel nausea at the smell of coffee or to other strong scents, and begin to feel rejection of certain foods that were before them to your liking.

The abdominal distension is another possible sign of pregnancy and is no longer just the logical growth of the belly by the fetus that grows, but from the outset will notice a strained, as happens in the days before the advent of the period.

Another feeling that many women notice the first few weeks is that of an increased desire to urinate: during pregnancy there is an increase in the amount of blood and fluids circulating through the body, which also makes the kidneys work harder and excrete also to a greater extent. This will intensify as pregnancy progresses.

Another symptom present in the first months is fatigue: do you feel exhausted? Do you feel too tired, even if you have not done too much work? This feeling of greater tiredness is due to increased hormone progesterone. Usually, to get to the second quarter, this symptom is reduced and mothers tend to feel more energetic.

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