Steps to follow for a baby to sleep

If you are a mother you should know how difficult it can be to sleep a baby, and the difficulty increases as they grow. There are all kinds of babies, from assets that do not want to stop playing, even those who are sensitive to noise. To get to sleep, you must work to have their created sleep routine. The truth is that no one has book instruction, but we will give some tips to make your baby sleep.

teach baby to sleep

Although the baby is small, enter sleep routines like reading a story, a hot shower before bed, massage, pampering, or play soft music to create the right atmosphere. Close the blinds of the room turn off the light and be quiet for the child to sleep.

Also you must give him to arrange an early dinner so that he can relax and also the parents may be together. It is best that the baby sleep in bed and not in your arms, so do not take the habit of being on top of you at bedtime. We do not recommend he sleep in the bed with the parents, so they do not create the habit.

The crib mattress should be firm and fit without leaving any free space. Do not put cushions, pillows, clothing, toys or dolls, crib must be free. The bedding has to be relevant, do not put blankets that can be drown, and sheets should be placed under his armpits, leaving his arms out.

It is vital that if you’re on vacation you keep the same rules and bedtimes, so no morality are lost. You need patience to teach the baby to sleep, but with perseverance you can achieve it. This role will learn to sleep and you can relax after a long day as a mother.