Take care with the childbearing of the diabetic pregnant woman

Diabetic women pregnancy can easily reach the nine months of pregnancy, provided that there is a good control of diabetes without vascular or obstetric complications in the mother, and if the health of the fetus is good.

diabetic pregnant woman

However, many medical centers often still further the delivery from the 38 week of gestation. In the case of diabetic women with renal involvement, the birth is early is often necessary. With regard to delivery, it is accepted as a rule, in the absence of obstetric problems, which should be normal, vaginal, either spontaneous or induced. In some circumstances, characteristic of diabetes (large or macrosomic infants, severe retinopathy, fetal distress, etc.) will nevertheless opt for performing a cesarean section.

Taking care of the pregnant woman and the baby after delivery
From the point of view diabetic women require the same care recommended for non diabetic women. In terms of metabolic control of diabetes in the immediate postpartum, it is necessary to remember the need to decrease by 30-50%, the daily dose of insulin that the pregnant woman had been managing during the third quarter, in order to prevent the possible occurrence of hypoglycemia.

It is important to insist on the benefits of breastfeeding for both baby and mother. Once established it must take into account the need for a slight increase in calorie intake of the mother’s diet. Must not be neglected self-control, since the needs of insulin is reduced during lactation.

It is essential at the time of birth the presence of a pediatrician neonatologist to examine properly the newborn and proceed to the recognition of possible defects or traumatic injuries, as well as treatment if necessary of other complications such as hypoglycemia, respiratory distress, hypocalcemia and polycythemia.