Teach children to eat

Do your children already know how to eat? Nutritionists point out that they may be needed up to 10 attempts for the palates of kids accept new flavors. Often, children will not eat vegetables or fish. Parents try to cook them in such a way that it impress them and eat it, but sometimes, this way we do not even obtain it. The first important rule that we have to take the parents to teach children to eat is to be understanding and have patience.

teach children to eat

Eating a balanced way from small takes time and effort, because at every stage of life, parents have a different influence on the eating habits of their children. The biggest challenge we have to take parents on a day to day is to bring the theory of a balanced diet, practice. The type of family food tends to be imitated by children, so choose a healthy meal by parents is a genuine exercise of responsibility, individual health and for the whole family.

It is proven that if a baby takes the breast milk, he has become more willing to accept new foods, compared with formula-fed of infants. From the two years children can eat all kinds of food. We recommend that test everything from this age to get used to it without difficulty.


  • They are needed, sometimes up to 10 attempts so that the palate of the minor suits itself to the flavors.
  • Parents should not prohibit food, or think that the type of food as, for example, beans, you will not like. They must try everything.
  • It is necessary to use positive reinforcement whenever the child adopt appropriate behavior.