The baby’s eyes: Problems and curiosities

80% of learning and development of babies require view. Therefore, it is imperative that parents are aware of any anomalies or problems in the eyes of their children from birth.

baby eye

The baby’s eyes
The view is the most important sense that humans possess, and the eye is the organ that makes this possible. From birth, and as we grow, vision allows us to relate to the world around us, encouraging our learning and our physical, mental and emotional development. Hence the importance of dedicating a special care and pay attention to any discomfort or anomaly that may arise during the first months of life.

We must be careful, but not obsessed, because both in the early days in the hospital and routine checks that the doctor takes the baby, medical professionals often value vision and eye health. Fortunately, in addition, most eye problems that appear at this stage, even the most serious, can be solved successfully if treated early.

The conjunctivitis is the most common disease of the eyes in babies, but is also common other eye problems such as styes, infection, or a blocked tear. On the other hand, there are the anomalies of the as such vision. The strabismus and lazy eye are the most worrying disorders in childhood that may affect child development.

Tips for caring for your baby’s eyes
It is important that you consider that:

  • The eyes of the newborn does not need special care if present no problem. In any case, the simplest and most practical step you can take is to wash your hands thoroughly before touching her face, especially the eyes.
  • When the mother has suffered infections in pregnancy should be careful with the eyes of your baby. For example, toxoplasmosis is associated with inflammation of the retina and other parts of the eye in newborns.
  • In your kit can not miss gauze and saline, very practical to clean and mitigate some of the most common ailments of the eyes.
  • If any of the diseases that has your child is contagious, e.g. conjunctivitis, do not forget to wash your hands after treating.

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