The best way to clean the baby’s ear wax

One of the most common questions for new parents is relative to the care of the ears. Is it clean? Should we do something with them? Perhaps cleaned with cotton buds? Perhaps with some spray?

Because of course, the baby’s ear wax is dropping and that worries many mothers who see wax on the outside and inside will think much more, and they should do something about it.

clean babys ear wax

And do we something must be done or not needed? Let’s talk about it:

Why produce earwax?

Earwax is a secretion that is produced in the outer ear whose mission is to protect the ear of substances that can enter and even insects. The wax is expelled to the outside as it is occurring and that’s where it should be cleaned, when we see outside.

The wax inside is what is protecting the ear. We should not have to try to remove or clean, otherwise no longer fulfills its function. Furthermore, if we try to eliminate it, it will always be with a stick or some slim and thin element that could do more harm than good.

Therefore it is said that the ear should be cleaned with the elbow because the elbow is so great that it can not enter into the ear and therefore not damaged in any way.

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How baby’s ear wax should be cleaned?

When to wash our son’s head, we can usually get some water in the ear, which already makes the cleaning function. Our goal then will dry hair with a towel and, upon arrival at the ears, dry them up to where it should be the finger.

Perhaps is it better to squirt water in the shower to clean it well? Because unless you want your son hated or do not want cause otitis, better not to do it. It is annoying and unnecessary.

Swab is better not to use them for three reasons: the ear canal of infants and children is so thin that to put the swab the only thing that can happen is wax will go more to the bottom and compacted more and producing a wax plug.

It may also happen that he hurt to do so, by some strange movement of hand or some unexpected movement of the baby. And finally, to enter things in the ear can cause a scaling of the ear skin, and this causes an increase in the production of wax.

What if you only use the swab to clean the outside?

Well, okay. For that purpose, going very well to clean all the outer part and what we see, collecting wax from outside and clean wax.

However, keep the pot of swab in a high place or hide, because children always try to imitate what we do and, just as they comb the gathering of a comb, may be tempted to get the swab if they catch one.

And they sure will have much less care than us and perhaps could be done much damage.