The dental health of babies

In most babies, the milk teeth will start to grow between 6-12 months old, and since then they are at risk of tooth decay, which can cause pain and other infections. Here are some tips to protect the teeth of the baby:

babies dental health

Cavities are invisible at the beginning

  • Dentists agree that sweet liquids that stick to the teeth of a baby, including breast milk, creating a perfect place to grow the bacteria that cause tooth decay.
  • Bring the baby to the dentist when exit the first tooth, when he or she is about one years. If you see spots of light, dark brown or black colors in a baby tooth, especially one front, one must go to the dentist as soon as possible.

Protect the baby from tooth decay

  • Take away the baby from the breast gently or Take away the bottle from his mouth immediately if he fall asleep while eating. If the bottle stays in the baby’s mouth while sleeping, the sweet liquid can accumulate around the teeth.
  • Give him one cold water bottle between regular meals if the child is thirsty or wants a bottle for comfort. Avoid offer soft drinks or shakes.
  • Avoid bottles that seem soda bottles with gas. These may influence a child to choose such soft drinks when he is older, a decision that can be very harmful to the teeth.
  • Teaches the baby to drink from a cup with water as soon as the first tooth appears. Use special cups for children, or straws, so they don’t spill it, because many dentists believe that this design prevents that sweet liquids come into contact with the teeth.
  • Do not use the candy or soothe to convince. Take good care of your baby’s mouth.
  • Clean breast milk or any sweet liquid from the teeth and gums of the baby to reduce the risk of tooth decay.
  • Gently clean the baby’s gums with water once a day, before he has teeth. Use a piece of gauze or clean cloth and wet or soft toothbrush for babies.
  • When the first tooth comes out, very gently brush your teeth at least once a day. Ask the dentist about the best time to start using toothpaste.