The good side of video games for children

Video games are one of the most loved activities for children and adolescents, and parents often do not understand what is of special and, even, think that it can be harmful to them. We have heard many cases in which it has been blamed for this kind of games of turning violent the children and often we are alerted to be the cause of childhood myopia, but everything is not black or white. These games have demonstrated in multitude of occasions that it can have many benefits in our children. Do you want to know how? We tell the good side of video games for children.

good side of video games

Better coordination and reflexes
Video games require a proper coordination to overcome the various levels that arise. The shooters or shooting games are the most developed this quality in your son, and since he needs to deploy a great aim and know how to respond to any character or stimulus that may appear without warning.

Higher concentration and memorization
Have you ever played the Super Mario Bros? It is one of the most popular platforms best known in the entire history, and that has been the excellent video game for years. Surely you remember how, after several failed attempts, you managed to memorize where enemies appear and what blocks you had to jump to the next level. All this did nothing but help you concentrate and memorize the entire route. This same effect occurs in your children in similar games, especially helping when they show signs of hyperactivity.

Easy to learn and follow the rules
Every activity has its rules, and children must learn if they want to play. This is one of the most valuable lessons that bring video games and teaching them that not always are able to do whatever they want because they can harm others or themselves. In addition, we also develop a greater curiosity, and you can see it whenever your child asks you “how to play?”

Strategy specialists
There are video games that are given the possibility to choose between several options, reporting some consequences or other character as the choice has been made. Children will learn that every problem has many paths to choose from, and not all lead to a happy ending. Video games are a test to find out for them what would happen if you perform a certain action without having to go through the experience that, on many occasions, can be unpleasant. In addition, with typical farms or building cities games also learn to optimize available resources, which can project directly in real life.

Many times our children face puzzles difficult to resolve that they can only overcome with ingenuity. This develops their creative part, in addition to foster their sense of perseverance.