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The importance of spending time with children

With the arrival of summer, enjoy long-awaited vacation. And what better way to take advantage of the free time to dedicate to ourselves and to our children. It is very important to spend time with them, to bring new things and knowledge for development.

spending time with children

To spend time with our children contributes an endless number of benefits, above all on a personal level. It increase self-esteem to see children happy, and they not only learn something new, but they also discover new facets of us.

Be in contact with our children is good for their emotional and affective development, so that they feel valued and supported at all times. And what better way to enjoy the holiday to have a great time doing crazy, playing outdoors and enjoying the moment with optimism.

The relationship between mothers and children is essential, and very beneficial for their health. And if you like fun and challenges that involve the whole family, you’re taking time to participate in the challenge of the laughing children. Coinciding with the launch of his new peasant flavor sticks, the brand proposes to us to record singing along with our children a current theme, to give everything in it and upload it on the website of challenge, which you can download for IOs and Android.

Don’t forget to set aside shame and upload your video: most viewed will be made with a PlayStation4, Singstar games and other prizes.