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The importance of talking with your children

It is important to have a good communication with our children to avoid misunderstandings, so that they have a good education and so that they can be unrolled in their life with other persons. You have to teach them, since childhood, to communicate properly.

talking with children

Talk with your children
Good communication is a valuable tool that we can give to our children. With good communication, we know the feel of our son and so we know how to act and guide them. We must speak with our children from small and explain things to them. They are person, one of the family members, and they should understand everything. To do this we must use a simple communication. It is important to promote a friendly atmosphere where our children feel free to express their feelings and emotions.

When we communicate we are listening to our children and this increases their self-esteem and makes them know that they are very important to us. Our busy lifestyle should not harm our communication. Although we have little time each day to be with the family, we must seize every moment to talk, enjoy and laugh. We must be concerned for our children, listen to their verbal communication and be alert to non-verbal that can help us a lot.

While we eat and have dinner we have the opportunity to put into practice many values and to communicate without problems. We must educate our children on the values of respect, moderation and generosity. In addition, we must be patient and not lose temper with our children. Our children will be what we are and that is that they will imitate everything what their parents do.

Encouraging the communication with your children that the confidence every time will increase more between them and it is very probable that of major the child keeps on maintaining this dynamics even in the most difficult stages, like the adolescence.