The magic hour of baby bath

Bath time is essential for the welfare of the baby. He plays with water and with parents, enjoying the moment. With some practice, this moment will become one of the most endearing. We will make the bathroom a desired time slowly, if we speak to him calmly, we rock him in the water and let him hold in our hands.

safety baby bath

Safety baby bath
Baby bath need not last too long so avoid it cool. Hold him gently but firmly at the same time, provide him security, and help him become familiar with the water. It is advisable to bathe the baby daily with warm water in a warm room between 22°-24°, although it has not fallen down, have a fever (help to lower it) or cold.

If you use a little soap must be neutral and in small amount since we will use the same water to clarify. In girls, must be cleaned from the genitals to the anus and not vice versa. After drying well the baby we can leverage to massage and moisturize the body, including the face, with a moisturizing cream or essential oil (wheat germ, sweet almond …). On a skin well hydrated the aggression of the depositions, slime, the milk, the air, cold, etc. It will have less effect.

If the buttocks, or genital area skin is irritated, we can use a thicker cream, without medication in its composition; we can use whenever we clean the baby if required. Do not use talcum powder.

The nose is obstructed with ease although the amount of mucus is not plentiful, sneezing that happens quite frequently is how the baby clean their mucous membranes. In the health center they indicate how clean the nose with saline.

The wax secreted by the ear serves as defense and should not try to remove it. The cotton swabs only serve to clean the folds of their ears.

The toenails are cut straight. The fingernails should be cut without leaving peaks to prevent scratches. In both cases, we never cut off the edge of the skin, to prevent nails sticking into his finger. You should use a small scissors.